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Welcome to
Whole + Wholesome!
Mission: Provide you with nutrition, activity, and lifestyle counseling that is evidence-based and feels right.
Vision: Help grow the movement of weight-neutral and Health at Every Size approaches to wellness.

About Whole + Wholesome

Hi. My name is Michelle. I am a Masters-level registered dietitian, licensed in the state of Massachusetts. I'm also a Level 1 certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


I have 10 years' experience as a mental health support counselor and 3 more in weight management, personal training, and eating disorder treatment. What I've learned during this time is: our culture is wrong when it comes to nutrition, activity, and body image. Incorrect. False. Mistaken.


Otherwise, why would 95%+ of all weight loss efforts fail?

Whole + Wholesome is here for people who have tried every tip out there to live healthfully. People who've made weight loss a priority more than once. People who've studied, followed plans, kept data; who've been committed, disciplined -- to a process that was unsustainable, or outright failed you.

There are clear and distinct reasons why, and we have to talk about it.


Nourish. Verb. To give a person the food and care they need to live, grow, and be healthy.

The first thing for us to do together is develop a nutrition plan for you that meets your needs and health concerns. I provide nutrition education on the physiology of metabolism; but I do not prescribe nutrition plans targeting weight loss or calorie deficits.  

Through an initial nutrition assessment and regular nutrition counseling, you will learn how to give yourself permission to eat enough, to eat adequately, and to feel like you're working with your body rather than against it.

Enrich. Verb. To make something better and more enjoyable.

Traditional diets are all about plans, strict routines, and counting. They rely on willpower, discipline, and being "perfect." 

Once you learn how the human body functions and what "health" actually is, you'll see that too much control is detrimental to your goals. You'll begin to trust that you can finally relax, have some flexibility, and find peace with food and your body.  

And before we even get started - I already know you deserve it.  


Progress. Verb. To continue to develop and move forward.

The final piece of your puzzle is to take a good hard look at what your body truly needs. What it needs to grow, to support you, and to carry you through this marvelous, chaotic journey called life.


This is where we decide the handful of practices that will keep you moving forward. Your body has its own list of demands it needs in order to thrive -- and it's time to listen. 

Only then can you let go of your nutrition and body concerns, and move on with your life!

Ready to re-write your weight loss diet into a comprehensive self-care plan that actually feels right for you?

Reach out today.

This is your first step towards ditching diet culture rules

and making your own way.

It's time.

(Licensed for nutrition practice in MA and select states only.)

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